Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Almost Easterly

Alas, our westward travels have almost ended. We have almost turned east. We left my parents' house yesterday after two fun weeks at the lake with a bunch of my extended family and in and around my parents' amazing gardens. Thanks to Clark putting "batteries" in our wheel to "fix" it, our departure was delayed by about three hours, but we eventually made it. We had to have the car put up on a lift to fix the problem. Amazing. Now we are in the comfortable and always-lovely Boise at an amazing house with a large friendly dog, a devilish cat, an adorable little boy, and his two hospitable parents-- friends from Virginia. If I were doing a review of their house and general friendliness/hospitality they would get a solid 5 shouts for sure.

It is nice to spend time with some fellow Nats fans, catching up and watching a game. We've also spent some time with a friend eating pizza, with my brother-- the boys' Uncle T--, our lovely hosts, and we got some bonus Aunt Bean time here as well.

I have much to write about, including being marooned at lake and our national park adventures still from the drive out here. Stay tuned, for I will one day soon regale you with the tales. For now, a couple pictures from our first day in Boise. We'll be here another day before we head east toward our cozy home. I'll attempt to do daily updates again as we go.

Cal decorates his own pizza.
The little Nats players get down to backyard baseball business.
Clark fires a pitch right down the paznoosky (thanks Uncle A) to Uncle T.
Aunt Bean and Uncle T

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