Saturday, July 21, 2012

Automatic Toilets Must Die: Let's Go Home Already

We made it to Rapid City, South Dakota last night after an insanely long trip that covered almost the entire width of Wyoming. Then my computer broke. Today we slept in late and hung out with a friend, her little boy, and her tiny twins! We did finally leave the house in the early afternoon and went to Bear Country USA, Mt. Rushmore (My siblings and I always called them the people on the rocks.), and the President's Slide, which is a slide you go down on little sleds after riding up a chair lift.

I think we're all ready to be home. And I'm extremely sick of foreign restrooms, specifically of the rest area and gas station variety. I think whoever thought automatic toilets were a good idea needs to sit on one that is malfunctioning for an uncomfortable about of time.

We're on the road again tomorrow...
We could watch the Nationals on Brian's new phone! He didn't, don't worry.

The only interesting thing we saw in Eastern Wyoming-- gigantic coal mine

Dream on, Scratch and Smooch. Your mugs will not be etched in a mountain.
It's the Presidents!

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