Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snow Daze

We've had a lot of snow/ice/cold days this winter, just like last year. Here it is, March 5th, and it's another snow day. I think I can speak for everyone in the Northern Virginia/ DC area when I say we are over the snow and ready for spring. I'm sick of dressing up the boys to go out into the snow and cleaning up all their saturated snow clothes, so today I brought snow in to them. We made a snow scene and volcanoes in a plastic bin in the living room. There were shrieks of laughter as the boys delighted in the utter destruction of their dinosaurs and other little toys...which kind of bothers me, but I think it's a boy thing. Here are pictures.

Clark puts baking soda in cups and bottles.

Burying the cups in the snow

Setting the scene with dinosaurs, astronauts, Spiderman, tropical fish, etc.

The scene-setting lasted for around 45 minutes as there were
numerous attacks, avalanches, fights...

astronauts snowboarding down mountains...

Mountain reconstruction

A dinosaur sneaking up on a snowboarding astronaut

Explorers too near the mouth of the volcano

Fish in a pond
As vinegar is poured into the food coloring and baking soda,
explorers are overcome by bubbling lava!

Destruction is everywhere!

No one can escape.

Some are completely buried alive.

Subsequent eruptions abounded.

Tragedy was widespread.

Explosions caused avalanches that resulted in more casualties.
As the dust settled...

More eruptions began!

After cleaning up the pieces they mixed the colors in the snow.

And T-bird helped clean up the little toys in a bucket of fresh snow.

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