Monday, July 2, 2012

We Have Arrived!

We got to my parents' house last night after an exciting day of driving through Montana. The boys pulled another no-nap day, but instead they did a good job of entertaining themselves in the back with the help of Sid the Science Kid and Elmo. At one point they complained to us about making them go places and do things. Grr. When we got into Idaho they spent about 45 minutes talking about what Roxy (Mom and Dad's dog) would do when she first saw them. Then they kept looking for Gramma and Papa's cars. (Every car was theirs.)

I have a whole bunch of reviews and posts to write about all the other awesome things we saw and did and places we stayed, but wanted to put up some pictures from our Idaho day. (High of 72 degrees, sorry Northern Virginia folks) 

Feeding Winnie with Gramma
On a walk with Roxy
This is happiness-- little boys racing a dog on a gravel road by a lake.
Swim, Roxy!
Astronaut Clark tests out the life jacket.
They named Aunt Bean's scarecrow "Advertisement."

1 comment:

  1. Seriously about the weather. I hated going from 85 degree perfection (with crisp, cool nights) last week to this 104 degree hell. Why did we leave Idaho summers behind?


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