My goal for this section is to help Reston parents find fun things to do, as well as to learn from you Reston parents cool places where I can take my kids! I'm using my highly technical rating scale below. I'm slowly but surely building this list up.

Tell me about a family-friendly place, event, or activity that is local! Respond here or email me:

Whispers & Shouts Rating Scale: 

5 Shouts:  Absolutely recommend it
4 Shouts:  Cool, totally worth your time
3 Shouts:  Fun but probably won’t do it again
2 Shouts:  Nothing special, definitely not worth the effort
1 Shout:   Only one semi-redeeming quality—overall no good
0 Shouts:  Completely stupid, don't bother

Fun places to visit:

Frying Pan ParkThis farm is a great, free place to take kids. There are scheduled events and classes, but just dropping by anytime will give your kids a good look at chickens, peacocks, ducks, turkeys, cows, goats, sheep, pigs, and horses. I wrote about it here. 5 Shouts!

Meadowlark GardensThis is an amazingly beautiful oasis that is so close by. The gardens are beautiful, there's a huge sandbox area and places to picnic. I wrote about it and took some pictures here. There is a cost to get in,($2.50 for little kids, $5 for adults) which is the only downside to this gorgeous place. 4 Shouts

Town Center fountains- These great fountains at Reston Town Center provide hours of entertainment for my boys. They've loved them all since they were little. The big one, Mercury Fountain is great for tossing coins and splashing and watching. The lower fountain, or splash park, is an awesomely interactive fountain for kids of all ages. The water shoots sporadically out of holes in the ground and in the summer there is always at least one little kid in a swimsuit running through it. In from of Ben and Jerry's is a mini-fountain that my boys also love-- they can get their hands in it. There's an identical one over by the AT&T store. 5 Shouts!

Lake AnneThere is a lot to do and see at Lake Anne. In the summer there are children's performers outside on Tuesdays, the Saturday farm market, various festivals, the fun pretend boat and blocks to climb (carefully) on, and the great fountain that kids can play in. There is also the kids' consignment store called Small Change, where there are some toys kids can play with while you browse the used clothes and new toys. There are also restaurants, a used bookstore, Reston Museum, and Baby Blossom, the new stroller store. 5 Shouts!

PoolsThere are fantastic pools all over Reston. Take advantage of the one nearest you...and if you don't like it, go to the next one. (I don't have enough experience to shout or not shout)

Home Depot Park- This is actually called "Reston North Park" but everyone calls it the Home Depot playground because it is right behind Home Depot off Reston Parkway. There are two playground sets, one for younger kids, one for older, and two sets of swings. The set with two baby swings was a favorite spot for my baby boys. 5 Shouts!

W&OD ponds- I don't know what these ponds are called, but my boys and I named them Popcorn Ponds. Right off Old Reston Avenue, by the 7-11, there are places to park to walk/run/bike on the Washington and Old Dominion trail. Just off the trail there are some beautifully-kept ponds with wildlife and rocks that look like popcorn, big open spaces to run and picnic. 5 Shouts!

Walker Nature Center- This center in the heart of Reston is dedicated to environmental stewardship through classes and various programs. 4 shouts

Reston Zoo- The small zoo is nearby, and they have quite a few animals with little walking to do. Kids can feed the animals and ride the ponies. But the director was recently found guilty of animal cruelty which has tainted the zoo's already shaky reputation. Also- it is expensive! $10 for kids 2 and over and $13 for adults. 1 shout

Lake Fairfax a park for camping, hiking, seasonal fishing, paddle boating, includes Water Mine, a huge water park, and a carousel 4 shouts (but I've never been to the water park)

Clemyjontri Park This is on the list of the most unusual parks in the world! It's not exactly Reston, but it's not far away-- just up in Great Falls. It allows kids with and without disabilities to play alongside each other. There's even a swing for kids in wheelchairs. Open 7am-dusk. Here's my review on it. 5 shouts!

Ongoing Events:

Mr. Knick Knack at Town Center Mondays, 10:30-11:15am at Reston Town Center Pavilion May-October

Reston Zoo storytime  Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:30 and 3:30

Barnes and Noble (Spectrum Center) story time: Saturdays 11am

Reston library storytime

Lake Anne summer kids' performers Tuesdays June 12-August 21st

Lake Anne farmer's market Saturday mornings 8am-noonish, May-October

Reston Community Center classes pages and pages full of options for toddlers-adults!

Greater Reston Arts Center Free Fridays- First Friday of the month 5-7pm, story and art for kids and parents, Town Center location

Reston Concerts On the Town June-August, Saturdays 7:30-10pm, Town Center Pavilion

The splash fountain at Reston Town Center is a popular
place for families in the summer.


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    1. Thank you! I hope to be helpful to at least a few people getting to know the area!


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