Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Reader Love-Fest

Well, here’s my new look, at least for now. The awesome banner is from an artist I’ve never met, but who spent her freshman year of college doing what I did for eight years: sharing a room with my little sister. Thank you, Kristin! Someone asked me yesterday, after reading of my upcoming changes, if I had hired a designer to redo my blog, which is when I realized that the “big changes” really aren’t that big at all, except in my head. I’m simply thrilled to have a personalized banner instead of a pink rectangle. Not that the rectangle didn’t serve me well for quite some time. A new slogan may be on its way, and another background change and banner-tweaking as well.

But, and more importantly, welcome to my reader love-fest.

People don’t all write in order to be read, but it sure is great to have people not only read your writing but read it and like it, and keep reading more. It also doesn’t hurt that I somehow was blessed with two hilarious little boys.

When I started this blog last February I wasn’t sure who would read it beyond my long-distance relatives who didn’t get to see the kids often. Myself late at night. People who typed ceiling fan or poop into a search engine. Friends who felt obligated. Quickly I had friends reading it just for kicks and then when I went all official on Facebook, I got a lot of page views and it seemed I was getting compliments on it frequently when I ran into people I didn’t normally see. Now and then I hear about random, nameless people reading it, such as when my parents tell me when they talk to me on the phone that they ran into, “…Oh, who was it? Someone the other day down at Floyd’s…anyway, they said they just love reading your blog.” If you’re reading this and have ever run into my parents down at Floyd’s, it may be you. Thanks for reading. Then I hear about people I’ve never met or met once and they enjoy reading it. To be possibly over-the-top weepy about it, it makes my day when I hear that my sometimes-infuriating, usually-crazy, diaper-filled life entertains others. 

I soon found out that writing this blog is therapeutic. Honestly, it is hard to find time to sit down and post, but it is helpful to think, as I’m cleaning up vomit every 10 minutes, or watching furiously as the boys drop everything they own off our third floor balcony, or fishing a toy crocodile out of the toilet, or receiving questionable comments from strangers, that I can sit down and face the situation, in a sarcastic, yet head-on way for the amusement of others. Blogging has also given me a platform to write about more serious issues such as my epilepsy and Cal's PHPV.

So I thought I’d give a shout-out here to some of the most dedicated readers, at least the ones I know about: My friend Margo has to come first. (Note: After this there is no ranking order, it is simply whoever pops into my head as I write.) Margo is the one who excitedly texts nearly every time I blog or reminds me that it’s a Thursday and I need to post a Thursday Thesicle or just plain reminds me that she needs a post. When she doesn’t respond I usually know my post sucks. Carrie also usually gives an immediate response and even advice on the topic. Missy and Jason, and even some of their parents I’m told, like to read and let me know of their interest, and may I be so bold as to say, love
Enthusiastic Reader Uncle Jeff

My Uncle Jeff, on our recent Ocean City whirlwind weekend was telling me that he and Aunt Jane like to read it. He also was incessantly mugging for shots in case I wanted to use them on the blog. Here you go, Uncle Jeff.  I’ve had people, such as my friend Becky, tell me that it’s probably not fair to me, because she feels all caught up on what’s going on in my life because of my blog, but I know nothing of her recent goings-on. I agree. Call me up, Becky! My husband Brian has always been an encouragement and a devoted reader in my blogging, as have my sister Crystal, brother Aaron, and my Aunt Anne. My parents check in on the blog often and my Aunt Lynda, who is actually something of a once-removed something-or-other often reads and tells me she likes it. I think Jessie, who I grew up down the gravel road from, was my first official follower and has always been supportive. 

Rachel V. in Oregon, whom I’ve known since my summers of working on the University of Idaho paint crew is an avid reader and is helpful in all things mommy. There is Rachel F. in Arizona, who I know from a cubicle away during my curriculum-writing days, and who was influential in encouraging me to begin this blog in the first place, is full of compliments. Hattie from college often comments on here and Facebook “likes” my posts. Clover, also someone I grew up close to, and who admits that I am the little sister she never wanted because of the shenanigans her little sister and I pulled around her house, has been complimentary of my anecdotes about my boys. Her mom, Barb, is also a reader and has the distinguished honor of being my Second Mom, and also as having influenced my writing. My friend Karen has been a critical reader of my writing, on this blog as well as of my rough, partial-manuscript for my novel. Amanda, in Boise, the city of my heart, I think is in love with my boys though she’s never met them and I haven’t even seen her since somewhere around 1998. David, also in Boise, is a regular reader and one of my two official male followers. (I need more!) The other is Rob, who, together with his wife Jasmine, are also regular readers. My boys have play dates with their son quite often. Aimee and Angela usually read my posts even though they have a good idea of what’s going on in my life since they live a couple blocks away and are over all the time.

Here I go again with the borderline weepiness, but you guys seriously keep me writing. Don’t think your comments go unnoticed. Thank you. I know I’ve skipped some of you, because I’m not real great in the memory department, and because I’m trying to get this post done before the boys wake up, but know that I love your feedback and your readership.

Here ends my written love-fest, but the sentiment lives on. Thank you, readers! Much love.


  1. LOVE the new banner art! It is awesome! The new look is great, and thanks for the love, Dawnee! Love you back!

  2. When your blog gets you onto the Today show, I'll remember my comments from here: and here:

  3. I'm glad you like it, Hattie! Oh, I remember your comments, Jason, I remember. :)

  4. Angela and I love your blog and read them all, not just occasionally. Even though we are always over at each other's house, as you know our conversations end up going something like this:

    Me: So, how did the appointment go?

    You: Alright, we started off...

    Me: Nick, get that carrot out of your ear. Sorry, go ahead.

    You: So, they started off...

    Me: Yes, Cal. I do have 2 ceiling fans. One, upstairs. One, downstairs. (To Dawn) I'm listening.

    You: Clark that's not a ball!

    20 minutes later. What were we talking about? Ha, ha. Ah, to be a mom ;-) Sometimes, I feel like I know more details about what's going on via the blog than in person. But that's the way it goes with wee ones.

    I love your blog's new look and your blog in gerenal and you!

  5. Oh, Aimee, that's hilarious. Hilarious because it is nearly exactly the way our conversation went yesterday. Well-written, my friend. Thanks for the blog love.

  6. Yes, you may be so bold as to say.

  7. What a great post! Love the new look, and the family and me tab. The newborn picture of the twins is just too cute for words.


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