Thursday, July 19, 2012

Blue Crayons and Craters of the Moon

Our first day of eastern movement has ended. We saw some friends today in Boise and then in Twin Falls, and then hit up Craters of the Moon National Monument, which is somewhere in a part of Idaho I had never been. Pretty cool even if you're not the lava-lover type. We walked around in the lava fields awhile and Brian found Jimmy Buffet's song Volcano his super, on-the-grid phone, and we sang it as we lava-walked. Then we drove to Jackson, Wyoming and had some spaghetti and ice cream. Along the way the boys had a little too much fun with a blue dry-erase crayon. On the road again tomorrow...

Cal colored me "an ocean."

Then both smeared oceans on their faces.
Cal on the moon!
Climbing up a spatter cone- a mini volcano
Lava brother hug

Lava hole!

At the top of a huge spatter cone crater

No closer, guys.

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