I started this blog for several reasons:

1. To record our family adventures and funny things the twins say, so we can remember them and reread them later.

2. To write. I'm not a writer unless I'm writing, and my half-finished novel is hard to work on while being a full-time mommy. Blog entries are usually short and simple, but they do help me keep my writing and creativity sharp.

3. To share our lives with family and friends I don't get to see often. Most of my family lives far away and this is a way that they can stay caught up on the day-to-day little stories. I love to entertain with my tales.

4. To be helpful to other parents in any way I can: with ideas for cooking, creating, playing, living tightly in a small space, living with epilepsy (being a mom who can't drive), dealing with PHPV, raising kids in the Reston area, and raising kids who are (ideally) healthy, friendly, and not too weird.
Adventures on the bus and subway
So many great firsts to record!
friendly kids!
Talking to garden elf lawn ornaments= not too weird
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