Friday, July 27, 2012

As the Dust Settles

Last night we made it back home. We were gone for five weeks, and were in the following 18 different states, just in case you weren't keeping track.
West Virginia
South Dakota

Some states we liked, some we didn't, and one we entered just to go to Costco and leave. Somewhere along the way my computer died, which resulted remarkably in only losing a few pictures and probably not much else. As we try to figure out our household computer future, these posts may be a little sparse.

When the boys ran into the house last night after the nine hour car ride they kept picking things up and exclaiming, "Remember this!?" In fact, they woke up saying the same thing this morning. They also keep saying, "This is our home! We made it all the way home!" Nothing like coming home.

Brian's sister is getting married tomorrow and so today we started the weekend wedding festivities. The boys are ringbearers ("I'm not a bear! I'm a Clark!") and I am a bridesmaid. In between Brian getting home from wedding weekend golf and heading off to the rehearsal today we also met a lender and signed all our refinance papers. Phew.

The boys were remarkable little travelers. On the way out to Idaho we took our time, but on the way home we put in three super long days, and the boys were fantastic. Even though I had reservations about taking them, I'm so glad we did. They loved the new things we saw, people we met, and places we went. We are so blessed to have amazing friends and family who are willing to host us in so many different places.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the last few days of the trip home.

Clark pitches a rock into the Badlands.

There are some places Twizzlers shouldn't go.

Cal protests the Corn Palace. (I don't blame him)

Seriously, Travelodge? You put your name on that?

Refilling Great Aunt Sue's birdfeeders in Minnesota

Learning to walk Stitch the dog-- with Uncle Jeff in Minnesota

With my Great Uncle Ray in Minnesota-- the maker
of the boys' Rocky Red rocking horse!

Indianapolis canal walk with Margo

The onion truck Cal was so excited to see that he begged to wake up Clark
to show him. He settled for me taking a picture.

Stinky feet

Ahh. Coming home

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