Monday, June 18, 2012

T-Minus One Day

One more day of Virginia and we are lifting off! So far there has been no packing, but we can take care of much of that today and tomorrow morning before we take off. (Right? Hope so.) 
Each boy gets a map to stick stars on to mark our progress.

Our first leg is only four and a half hours up to Pittsburgh, so hopefully that will all go smoothly. We plan to leave at naptime so that the boys will sleep for the first part of the trip. I have amassed some car entertainment, including some of our DVDs and some from the library, games like a scavenger hunt and bingo from MomsMiniVan and coloring with stickers, toys from some fast food kids’ meals over the past year (the boys don’t know toys come with kids’ meals), which is about five new toys because thankfully we don’t have to do fast food very often. We have Gammy’s iPad with new games and books that Aunt Tracy put on it for the boys. Blankets, Scratchy Cat and Smoochie Bear, and music, and some snacks. Now we need to think about suitcases and chargers and laptops and the GPS and such. 

Thanks to modern technology, I hope to be checking in here every day with our progress, even if it is only a brief entry. Farewell, Virginia!

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