Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Road Report: Colorado

We had a couple great days in Denver after our marathon through Kansas. We stayed with my friend Erin and got to spend time with other friends we hadn't seen for awhile. We also visited the Denver Children's Museum, Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum, Hammond's Candy Factory, and went to a Rockies game. The Rockies played the Nationals! It was weird to be the only red shirts in the stadium, but the fans were nice to us anyway. The Nats lost, so that was dumb. Maybe as a first place team they were just trying to be nice to the poor Rockies. Tonight the Nats beat up on them with 12 runs. I wish we'd seen that game instead.

Today we spent a leisure morning with Erin (except for the part where I went running a mile high) and then played at Rocky Mountain National Park, which is north of Denver. It was awesome! I'll do more complete write-ups on the visits, but I wanted to check in since I hadn't for a couple days.

We are here for the night in Cheyenne, Wyoming. It smells like a giant cow, but not in our hotel room, so that's good. I feel like I should also mention that there is a giant cowboy boot outside. I believe it is the hotel sign.

Tomorrow we have another long drive-- only 433 miles though. Should be cake after Kansas. Here are a couple pictures until I can write more complete stories. Night, night.

Clark engineers a giant bubble at the Children's Museum

Smoochy and Scratchy take in the romantic view
at the Rockies game.
Rocky Mountain National Park

Parents, don't try this at home.

This boy loves to climb.

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