Saturday, June 23, 2012

St. Louis the Great and the Train Restaurant

We spent most of the day in St. Louis today. What a great place! We took a Mississippi River tour on the riverboat Tom Sawyer. We ran around the Gateway Arch and checked out downtown. Then we made our way through Kansas City and had dinner at the train restaurant, (so cool!) and finally into Lawrence, Kansas. More pictures and anecdotes to come.

We're dreading tomorrow's drive. There is nothing in Kansas past Lawrence, or so it would appear to anyone who can read a map, so we have to be creative about where to stop and what to do when we stop. After tomorrow, maybe I can write a book called How to Make a Rest Area Fun. Because at this point I have no idea how we will really cover the 500+ miles into Denver. If we don't, we'll just lean up against some sunflowers and fall asleep.

"I have sweaty hair. Will you cut off my sweaty hair? It needs a haircut." -Clark

Climbing up to the arch

Touching the arch

Our food is coming by train?!

We're ready!

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