Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Questions Sampling

The boys are full of unanswerable questions. So many times every day they ask questions that just have no logical answer. I typically draw a complete blank because there is really no way to answer the question with something they don't already know. It's usually annoying, sometimes embarrassing, and once-in-awhile hysterically funny. Cal's greatest question ever asked happened around Christmas when we received a package from Grandma and Papa. They like to send us their nut goodie bars and other delicious cookies around the holidays. We opened the package and there were smaller packages inside-- presumably cookies. Cal helped me open one and when he saw its contents was utterly disgusted. It wasn't anything edible.

"Why is this...not chocolate?" 

I don't think this question could possibly be asked often enough. 

I've been keeping track of some of theboys' questions from today and yesterday, to give you a tasty sampling. Enjoy. I'll be adding to this list...

Why were you wrong?

Why is this a chair?

How did you make up the word warm?

Why did I go potty?

Why is this toothpaste?

Why is she playing an accordion?

How did God make trees beautiful?

How did you make these lamps?

Why does he have a banjo instead of a guitar?

Why did Miss Mimi wear a blue shirt last time and a black shirt today?

Why was Apollo 13 a real story?

Why was Apollo 11 the first one to get to the moon?

Why is jam not peanut butter?

Why is paper just paper?

How did we make this gingerbread house?
Why is Batman not Spiderman?

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