Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Facebook Tantrum

So here's the deal. Awhile ago I wrote this letter to Facebook on my blog. It was bold and I was happy that I wrote it, and I really meant what I said. I thought I would be done with Facebook other than as an avenue for sharing my blog posts. Then as I was trying to manage my personal profile page (I had to keep a profile page to keep my Whispers & Shouts page up) I found out that I had to "unfriend" every. single. friend. one at a time. Talk about way too many clicks and going back and clicking and going back. Stupid Facebook and its far-reaching clutches.

So I started it off and boldly was unfriending everyone in whatever random order Facebook put them in. It actually sucked because I like you people, but I really wanted a break from Facebook and so I thought this was the way I could do it. Plus, I'd already written that letter on my blog... But of course I couldn't do much clicking and selecting and going back and all that for long without going crazy looking at the screen and swearing at Facebook for being clingy and obnoxious and trying to rule the world. So I unfriended some people and then had no patience to unfriend anyone else. But I did take a nice break from Facebook for awhile.

Then I found myself wondering about certain friends and realizing they were people I had unfriended in my Facebook cleansing phase, but I truly do care about their lives and times. So here it is: I don't love Facebook and I like to fantasize about a pre-Facebook world, but I've now reluctantly come to grips with the fact that it works extremely well and in our world of knowing a lot of people and taking a lot of pictures and our habits of not picking up the phone and talking to someone, but instead perusing their FB profile, it is effective.

Anyway, I don't love it, and I don't love that so much bad and... unnatural can happen because of it, but I do like it and recognize that it is a valuable way to stay in touch with a lot of people. I'm just trying not to let my Facebooking take the place of real relationships. And to not spend much time on it unless there's something particular that I want to find out.

AND, there's this phenomenon that has developed in my life ever since I started writing this blog. I have friends who know a lot about me and my goings on, but whom I never hear from, I rarely call, and therefore I don't know anything about their lives. It has to stop! I need to be a better friend.

P.S. I've refriended quite a few people, but please don't hesitate to refriend me if you wish.  

Just for fun- Brian and me enjoying some quality literature

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