Friday, December 26, 2014

All the Boys at 18 Months

It is interesting to see the differences between Teddy's behavior and reactions to things as opposed to Cal and Clark's. Here are some pictures and a comparison.

Teddy at nearly 18 months
Cal and Clark at 18 months

Cal and Clark at 18 months-ish
Teddy at 18 months
Worst thing ever, must scream and cry and wail and run away and throw selves on floor in agony.
Funny! Must chase it around and touch it and let Mom vacuum up my toes with the attachment; need to find it in the closet and touch it; I like to pretend vacuum with my toys.
Ceiling fans
Most interesting object in life so far. Must gaze at them intensely for as long as the grown-ups will let us. Must point out every single one we find. Must arrange all toys and food into ceiling fan shapes.
 Vegetables on my tray
 Must not touch unless it is broccoli and then we can touch it and eat the tops off gingerly.
 Would rather eat them than bread or mac 'n cheese or pizza. Give me more when I grunt. My faves are cucumbers and green peppers.
 Fruit on my tray
 We will eat it all…for another few months when we will decide we don’t like anything except apples, and only without the peels.
 I will eat it all and grunt for more.
 Cars, trucks, trains
 I want to make my food into cars; I love to watch construction equipment and drive toy cars and trucks around.
 We love to throw balls and roll balls and Clark already has a follow-through on his throw.
I sometimes like to throw a ball. I throw it backwards over my shoulder to confuse people/because I’m not sure how to throw it forward.

When I fall down/ am run in to/ am fallen on/ am hit with an object on accident
Shock. Usually we cry, but have learned to read the room and sometimes don’t cry.
Never fazes me. I know no pain. I am knocked in to, stepped on, picked up and moved out of the way every day. Don’t care.

Language We love it. We use sign language fluently and have quite a few words. I know a few signs but am belligerent about using them because everyone knows what I want when I grunt and point. I know a few words and that's enough for me. Besides, there is too much noise in my house for me to talk anyway. 
Books We love them and have our favorites that Mom reads every day. We also like to eat the board books. I have favorite books and Mom reads them to me over and over. Love them so much I carry them around by the front or back cover all the time so the best ones are broken in half. If Mom or Dad want me to smile they recite the first lines of my favorite book and it gets me every time.

 Not sure how to get up on anything so we don't even think about it.
Everything must be climbed on. Whenever someone doesn't push a chair under the table I am ON that table and I am standing up and I am drinking/eating/throwing/ whatever is on the table.
 Sleeping through the night
Been doing it since we were 3 months old. NBD
What is that? Must wake up once a night unless I am super tired. Must go back to sleep with mom and dad when I wake up because I am a spoiled brat but very cuddly.
The oven is mildly interesting if its light is turned on.
Must be IN them if possible and/or pushing buttons if possible.

 Must not touch it unless it is in a puddle on the ground. Must stay far away from every large body of water.
 Love the water! Put it on my face, dump it on me, let me splash in it, let me throw it at you, throw it at me.

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