Monday, December 15, 2014

What I've Found

The other day, as I walked into the bathroom and caught Teddy licking the toilet seat, I realized that I need to blog more. The same situation would have been funnier about a year ago when I was still blogging regularly. It's less horrifying to walk in on something like that when I know that I'll write about it. It's material. I will write about it humorously and others will laugh and I will imagine them laughing and it will keep me going. I found some insight there in Teddy's toilet lick. Thanks, Ted.

It was when the twins were about Teddy's age that I started this blog and I feel like I'm about to miss and forget some things that Teddy is up to, and some of what they boys are up to this year if I don't write about them more. I am constantly finding little reminders of these boys who make my life a busy, happy one. Reminders that give me a gag reflex and/or leave me completely baffled, but also make me smile inside.

Just for fun, here are some exciting things I've happened upon the past couple months:

Sunflower seeds in the toilet

Ninja dude/ hatchet-slinging warrior in the garbage disposal

Teddy on my computer
Laptop in the diapers bin

Two boys stealing marshmallows

A bottle in the toilet

Chewing gum on the scale

Basketball in the toilet

Teddy behind his crib

Clark's whiteboard love declaration for Emalyn (butterflies and Komodo dragons)

A modest, long-legged carrot

Teddy eating the begonias after squishing them with the watering can
You can only imagine the more horrifying things I found that I didn't take the time to grab the camera for.

Here's to all the reminders, small or big, clean or dirty, washed or unwashed, of the little lives that are happening right in front of my eyes each day. I will record them here more often.

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