Friday, March 22, 2013

Easy Easter Decoration

I've done this super-easy art project with the boys before-- last time we made planets-- but I hadn't thought of it as an Easter decoration option until my friend Emily wrote about it over at Two-Way Street. Thought I'd share too.

The boys colored coffee filters with markers, used medicine droppers to get them wet and let the colors run together, we let them dry, and I cut them into shapes roughly resembling eggs. Then we put them on the window. So easy. Not very messy. My boys loved it.
Coloring filters
Clark was very intense. This took him probably 30 minutes.

Medicine dropper with water- super cool

My egg shapes
Eggs on the window

Other Easter ideas:

1. Our natural Easter egg dye adventure from last year
2. My paper Easter baskets from last year

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  1. I updated my post to link to this! The medicine dropper is a great idea! Thanks for the shout out!


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