Thursday, April 12, 2012

Paper Easter Baskets

I was about to pick up a couple cheap Easter baskets for the boys this year, but decided I’d try to do something simple that I didn’t have to store in our small space. So I made some paper Easter baskets. I have scrapbook paper that I’ve had forever, and among the patterns some nursery rhyme pages. I had the boys pick out what they liked best, looked up how to make paper baskets, and made these. I changed some things and added an inside green layer to look a little like grass. It was a quick project-- especially after I completed my practice basket. The best part might have been recycling everything at the end.

This is a 12" x 12" square piece of scrapbook paper

Make four cuts and bend them, and bend or cut the corners.
This was my prototype. 

Fold paper handles and attach everything with brass fasteners.

I folded green inserts for a liner and filled the baskets them with a few surprises.

Their favorite parts were the jelly bean-filled sports eggs from Grandma...

...and the egg hunt with cousins at Gammy and Poppy's house.

A few days later, I took out the fasteners to save, and recycled the paper.

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