Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hearts and Seizures and Kidneys and Eyes

We have some medical updates and news as of late.

Heart: Awhile ago we learned that there is an elevated risk of cardiac problems for babies whose moms are on seizure medicine and who have seizures. So the doctors do a detailed heart scan at 22 weeks where they look at all the parts of the heart and the blood flow and use a lot of words whose meanings I don't know.

Last week they did the scan of the baby's heart and everything checked out normal. It took the technician 30 minutes to complete the scan because Peapod wouldn't hold still. That kid is constantly moving. He must be taking notes from his brothers or something because he was flipping around in there like a gymnast and driving the technician crazy. She suggested we name him Speedy, which will definitely be worth considering, based on the boys other name suggestions. Which have been, among others:

Kevin Bacon

So all is good on the pregnancy front, aside from the fact that I'm ready to hold this child in my arms, as I so eloquently wrote about here.

Seizures: I haven't had any since my last one about a month ago that scared us. I wrote about it here. A huge blessing has been that my wonderful mother-in-law has been coming over four mornings a week to just be here for two hours before she goes to work. I hadn't thought of her as a possibility because she works full time, but she works across the street from us and can come over and be here for roughly the first two hours I'm awake. This is huge! The boys love having her here and she has been able to get all kinds of cross-stitching done on her grandchildren stocking projects.

When the baby comes we will try to have something else in place for the other one day a week when she can't make it, but what a huge relief it is to have her come over! It gives us, especially Brian, peace of mind to know that if his pregnant wife has a seizure, she isn't alone in the house with 3 year-olds.

Kidney: On another medical issue that came up a couple weeks ago is that we found Clark has an abnormality with one of his ureters (tubes in between kidneys and bladder) which seems to be causing him occasional pain. The urologist doesn't think his back pain (which he complains about when he needs to go to the bathroom, but not every time) is related to the abnormality so he sent us back to the pediatrician to check out everything else again. Nothing else seems wrong so we are now documenting every time he complains of pain. Apparently the abnormality with the ureter doesn't normally cause any pain unless there is a much more serious problem, which results in all sorts of horrible symptoms such as projectile vomiting. Anyway, we will most likely be taking Clark in for some pretty invasive tests (think catheters) soon to find out if there's something else wrong.

Eye: As far as Cal's eye, everything seems to be fine since his alignment surgery in the fall.  He still patched four hours every day. He will actually see his eye doctor for a vision test this Friday and we think he may need a new prescription-- which is hopefully because his vision is still getting stronger!

So, there's the medical news of the household in case any of you were wondering...

Just for fun- Cal and the green wig

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