Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pictures Update

I haven't felt blog-inspired lately, I've even spaced out my last couple Thursday Thesicles, but I thought I'd do a little update in pictures of what we've been up to... in order to keep our virtual scrapbook up to date. Enjoy.

We've been...

playing in the snow
dressing up
looking at DC from Kierra's office roof
making volcanoes 
playing horseshoes on the balcony
dressing in astronaut gear
hanging out at Air and Space
driving a Cessna "to Idaho"
making colorful music
visiting the firehouse
trying out the ladder truck
and the outfit
and the ambulance
polishing off the hot cocoa
building racecars
using bell peppers...
to make St. Patty's day art
cracking each other up/picking our noses
eating plenty of sandwiches
learning about vowels while eating bananas
using snow clothes as hockey pads

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