Monday, March 4, 2013

The Helmets Have Arrived

The boys are obsessed with sports and astronauts and really anything involving helmets. I wrote this last week about some of the ways they’ve tried to create football and hockey helmets with household odds and ends.

My mother in law knows of their obsession and their love of tackling each other and playing football. It’s all they do at her house. She bought some little football helmets and matching jerseys for the boys for their birthday (in April). After the obliteration of their Halloween costume paper mache helmets, things were getting pretty desperate around here, since they “have a football game” every day. I know that their sports interests tend to follow whatever sport is in season, and since football season is now over and baseball starting up, and Gammy had mentioned being eager to give them the helmets, I suggested giving them the helmets early while they’re still really into football.

So one night last week she came over and presented the boys with the helmets and jerseys. They were immediately smitten, of course, and wanted to sleep in them that night, after wearing them for the last hour before bed and talking incessantly about them. They settled for setting the helmets out with the jerseys for their big game the next morning.

The next day we took the helmets for their outside debut. They were a huge hit. Photo story below. 

That's right. I'm this cool.
I like your helmet...
Gammy is the greatest!
As if they weren't tackling hard enough before...
now in helmets they really go at it.
Clark took this picture himself after they set out their uniforms
 for the morning.

Cal just had to check to see if plastic wrap would make the new helmet
into an acceptable hockey helmet as well. Yes. 

The jerseys are big enough to wear over their winter coats!
They are actually muscles and pads, not coats, they told me.
Also, we couldn't find the football to play football with...
Going to the park! Getting a lot of smiles from other walkers and drivers...
Off to the races...

Now let's give our helmets swing rides!
And push each other....
...while our helmets safely rest in the mulch.


  1. This is too cute! The helmets look gigantic on them!

    1. :) They do look very big...which I think makes them actually more dangerous than a safety precaution, ironically.

  2. They are so cute! My little one has an April birthday, too. :-) She is currently really interested in basketball, and I'm doing my best to keep her father from running out and getting her a little hoop when her birthday is so close. :-) Not sure if we're going to make it!

    1. It's a challenge not to give them everything they're interested in sometimes, isn't it? :) I do like seeing what they can come with on their boys have engineered some pretty funny toys. Good luck!


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