Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

This is embarrassing. I realized after my last post that it was in fact my 98th post, not my 99th post. I’ve never been good with numbers. Awk. Ward.  So, here is my 99th post in all its splendid normalcy.

I was nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award by blogger Dr. Marissa of Land of Once Upon A Time, a blog I love to read for all her great literacy advice and information. I am honored that she reads and enjoys my blog! The award is an informal one between bloggers, and from what I've seen it is a pretty cool way to let other bloggers know you enjoy their writing, and also a great way to network. I couldn't find anything about the origins of the award, but I found the rules. Here they are:

1.       Thank and link back to the blogger who nominated you. (Land of Once Upon A Time)
2.       Share seven random facts about yourself.
3.       Pass on the award to other blogs you enjoy.
4.       Contact and congratulate the bloggers you’re nominating.

I saw the number 15 thrown around as the number of blogs to nominate, but alas, I don’t even know 15 different blogs and I can’t pretend to know and appreciate their writers enough to nominate them for anything. Instead I’m being honest and writing about five blogs I enjoy reading. But first here are my seven random facts:

1.       I  dislike gelato.

2.       My maiden last name, Stuvland, is a town in Norway, which is next to the town my ancestors came from (a lot of other people emigrating from Norway took the last name of the big town, so my ancestors decided to take the name of the neighboring, small town that may or may not technically exist anymore).

3.       I have an irrational fear of those big grates and vents on sidewalks (the ones where you can see down to the trash and stagnant water and mice and quite possibly Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and will do just about anything to avoid walking over them. 

4.       I can’t drive because of my epilepsy: 4b. I’ve had seizures in the middle of the street, at bus stops, in the bathroom, while driving my car twice (link), while being a passenger in cars, and I think about three times in kitchen/dining rooms. How am I still alive?

5.       I have no problem not finishing books I start if they bore/annoy/frustrate/me. I no longer have time to finish books on principle. I’m in my 30s, people.

6.       I find it difficult to eat peanut butter without drinking milk.

7.       I bought a one-way ticket to Washington D.C. from Idaho with no job and two bulging suitcases when I was 23. Things seem to have worked out okay.

The blogs I am nominating for their downright awesomeness are:

NOVA Mom Blog: A Lifestyle blog about living in the Northern Virginia area (I just found out I live down the street from her!)

Deborah Halverson’s Blog: A writer who has triplets and great insight on writing and raising multiples

Sweet Baker’s Delight: My friend who loves to bake amazing treats and take amazing pictures of them

Restonian: Funny, funny, satirical writer who keeps it real here in Reston

Pink Dryer Lint: Writer with three girls and heartwarming tales of motherhood

Thank you again to Land of Once Upon A Time for her nomination and stay tuned for my true 100th post.


  1. Wait, you don't like gelato? Our whole friendship has just gone into a tailspin...

  2. It's a recent realization. I love ice cream. But there's always been something a little, meh, about gelato for me and I'm finally coming out about it. I am not ashamed! Our friendship is NOT in a tailspin. Don't be outrageous, Mystiqua.

  3. Dawn, I'm so slow in responding, but thank you so much for thinking I'm versatile! :)

    You're so kind!


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