Thursday, May 19, 2011

Balcony Blues

For the last couple months there has been nothing quite as challenging and exhilarating for the boys as seeing me plowing toward them on the balcony yelling, "No, no, no! Don't you drop that!" as they nonchalantly drop the item of the moment, giggle, and elude my clutches. This morning as the second plastic egg fell to its mulchy bed three floors below, I decided to calm myself by creating a list on the topic. I like lists.

Things the Boys Have Happily Thrown Off the Balcony Much to My Chagrin

Clark prepares for a drop

their little watering cans
my big watering can
new sandals they don’t like
shoes they do like
Dan Zanes CD
baseball bat
baseball tee
small vehicles
multiple clumps of potting soil
an unearthed flower
helium balloon
not-helium balloons
juice cups
milk cups
various plastic food, including but not limited to: a pear, eggs, a peach, bacon, ice cream, a carrot
favors from birthday parties: a top, whistle, etc.
various bubble-blowing paraphernalia

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