Monday, September 19, 2011

Wild Toddler Love

During the past week the boys have had a nice reunion with one of their biggest fans, our good friend Margo, and were reunited with their long lost Uncle A, who has been away from home since June. Margo lived near us when Cal and Clark were born but moved away shortly after so she has had to get to know them via texts, email, blog, and Facebook. They know Margo primarily because she sends them texts of ceiling fans and her face riding her bike and her shoes and cat and things of that nature that they love. They also remember her from her visit in April because she gave them the mini cookies off her milkshake straw when we went to lunch. How could you forget anyone who gave you mini cookies? It's not likely. It is more likely to snag you some wild toddler love.

She was here for a short stay and they loved every minute of it. They especially loved staring at her phone at the same pictures of ceiling fans that she had sent to my phone that had kept their attention for the better part of the day before. It’s still weird, their ceiling fan obsession. I can hardly believe how strong it is still going.  After we had waved to her as her bus disappeared from view they kept saying,
“Margo went home,” in their saddest voices, and then,
“She’ll be back soon!” 

Margo love! (Yes, Cal is eating a wooden football in this picture.)
That night they lovingly patted the towel she used that was still hanging in the bathroom as they brushed their teeth with Spongebob toothbrushes, (They've taken to calling Spongebob, Mr. Bob) bristles out, because they think it’s funny.
“Margo’s towel!” they said, somberly, as if touching an ancient and valuable relic. I know they will be happy when Margo moves back. And they won’t be the only ones!

The reunion with Uncle A was one of extreme emotions. He only lives about 45 minutes away, but he has been gone all summer. The past year he has been great about coming to see us the boys almost every week and so his absence in our summer lives was acutely felt. They went through a phase when he first left of going to the door and knocking and yelling, “Uncle A?” When he came through the door last week, his hair all crazy-long from his summer of frivolity, they were a little bashful. But soon they warmed up and wouldn’t stop with their wild toddler love. 

Unite the three so long dis-joined.
Aaron’s a big guy and they love to tackle and jump on and hug and kiss and plow over all of him. They were sweating from their uncle-romping in mere minutes after he arrived. They showed him their big boy beds (still just mattresses on the floor), their basketball hoop, and other new additions to our quarters. Since he helped make the mac n’ cheese, it was much tastier to them than when I make it by myself all Boring Mommy Style. When the tackling and shrieking had lessened we headed outside for a visit to the park down the street. I’m not kidding when I say they giggled the entire time they spent on the swings which has to have been 20-30 minutes, possibly even more. They love their Uncle A. Then they hit balls around with him.  After the park visit Uncle A had to leave and the boys fell asleep faster than they have in a long time, and all by themselves.
Wild toddler love Picture A

Wild toddler love Picture B
He said a visit with them is good for his self-esteem. He must walk away feeling like a million bucks, because he certainly is that in their minds. Well, if they knew about bucks. Welcome back, Uncle A! Let the wild toddler love continue. 

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