Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Top Ten Moments

My Whispers and Shouts absence this week has been due to having my parents visiting. We’ve been at home, on a sojourn to DC, and to my in-laws’ lake house in southern Virginia. Needless to say I haven’t had time to write. So, to catch up on the latest Cal/Clark news I present to you without further ado or in any particular order,

Top Ten Moments from Grandma and Papa Week One.

* When Cal, while quizzically observing my dad’s mustache on the metro, said, “Papa has hair on his tongue.” And pointed to a stranger who also had “hair on his tongue.”

* When Cal claimed that his favorite animal at the zoo was the pretend panda bear. (a panda statue)

* Eight ceiling fans at the lake house. Need I say more? “I turn that fan on!” “NO! I turn that fan on!” "I love that fan!" No I love that fan!" etc.

* The boys steering the boat all by themselves in circles.

* Bouncing on Uncle Pierre's knees to his Elephant Song.

* Sitting at the campfire on the beach juggling the boys who were covered in marshmallows and sand and busy “cooking sticks in the fire and steam.” 

* Playing air hockey "ALL BY SELFS!"

* Mountainous frozen yogurt extravaganza after a long day at the zoo.

* Going to our playground and getting to introduce my parents to my mommy friends and the boys’ friends.

* Working on perfect baseball throwing form with Uncle A while throwing acorns into the lake.

Air hockey BY SELFS!
Up close and personal with the ceiling fans in the loft

Uncle Pierre's Elephant Song!

Best part of the zoo?


Aforementioned frozen yogurt extravaganza

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