Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Walk It Off!

My parents are flying in from Idaho today! I spent the morning trying to clean around the boys and then took a break from that nearly-pointless task to walk to the grocery store and let the boys run around and do boy things like throw pine needles in the air while calling it hair, and pine cones dangerously near parked cars, and acorns at each other. Maybe they would take a good nap after all the fresh air. 

I was pushing the double stroller as we neared the store. A woman was walking toward me in a pink tank top and black, three-quarter length spandex. She smiled nicely to me and said, as I lumbered past since we were going downhill, “Lookin’ good. Walk it off.” And she was gone.

Hm. I was glad she wasn’t standing in front of me and expecting a response, because I didn’t know how to take that. Those two little sentences do seem to contradict each other a little, right? “Looking good. You’re not as fat as you were when you were pregnant with twins, but girl, you’ve got to keep losing that poundage.” That’s what it felt like. Now, it’s true that I gained 65 pounds while I was pregnant with the boys. It’s also true that I lost roughly 60 of them until, when I was still nursing when the boys were 15 months I frantically stopped because I suddenly thought I might be one of those moms. You know, the type whose son walks over, recites the alphabet, performs an algebraic equation, and then hops on his mom’s lap to nurse. Or something like that. So I quit nursing and gained some of the weight back…probably about 8-10 pounds. Not ideal. Not awesome. Oh well. 

Let’s revisit Pink Spandex Woman. She was herself a bit of uh, a portly woman, some would say. Or maybe some would say she is substantial. Hearty. Big-boned. Nice personality. You get it. Anyway, I’m pretty sure the woman wasn’t insulting me, but it was still a curious thing to say and hear, so I thought I'd share it with you.

And now I need to go clean more because I think Mom and Dad's plane landed a minute ago and my kitchen floor is still atrocious. I’ll move fast while I sweep and mop so I can walk it off.

The way I finally got the bathroom cleaned-- convinced the boys to sweep the carpet.

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  1. Ha ha! I'm sure she didn't meant it in anyway that you interpreted it...but I would have questioned it to the end myself. :) A very strange thing to say, regardless.


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