Thursday, October 20, 2011


The boys designed their own root word. It makes complete sense. It is: Yester. Its meaning is versatile. Simply used, it means “in the past” or “before” or “earlier.” But there are intricate nuances to the word. For example, the boys will refer to something that happened in a morning last week or last month or yesterday as having happened yestermorning. Similarly they will refer to things involving pajamas or dinner or something else evening-y as having happened yesternight. The catch-all, the one that they use most, and which happens to be my favorite, is yestertime. They use it as one might use “last time.” It is usually preceded by, “’member dat?” and then, “I did that yestertime!” I love it.

Now I need to get blogging about the great time we had with my parents on their visit yestertime. Stay tuned.

'Member dat, Mommy? 'Member when I screamed yestertime?


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