Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fan-cakes and Pancakes

Cal checks out the fan-cakes
A few cool food moments lately:

1. Yesterday Aimee brought over custom-made ceiling fan cupcakes for the boys. It was so sweet of her and of course the boys loved eating fans.  (Also, the latest thing that they are calling a ceiling fan is the big foam letter X and they make it go around and around in their hands. Weirdos.)

folding in fluffy egg whites
2. I found a whole grain pancake recipe that I’m pretty happy about. The boys love pancakes and since the white flour pancakes are basically nutritionally empty, I stuffed these pancakes with barley, whole wheat, and buckwheat flours. The recipe calls for a thinly-sliced banana also, but since none of my bananas were ripe enough the two times I made the pancakes, I used little apple slices the first time and little blueberry slices the second time. The apples were the best I think, and I’m anxious to taste a banana version. With using agave syrup instead of maple syrup, and blueberries and strawberries alongside the pancakes, we had a pretty healthy meal. Also, these go a lot farther. The boys eat only about one and a half pancakes and they’re full. High five for healthy eating!
Clark enjoys the pancakes and fruit


  1. Hurray for good eats. I am happy to have contributed to both, even if I only provided the ingredients for the pancakes. What a reward it was to have Clarky perched on my leg enjoying his "ceiling cake" and watching him process it all.

  2. I should have mentioned this post is made possible entirely by Aimee, baker and picker-upper of Whole Foods groceries. :)Thanks!


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