Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What Brain Space? Where?

Today I had a thought. Just one, but it was there. Remember all those things I used to know? So many things! I compiled a list for you. And for me, to prove to myself that I can still make lists.

A Sampling of Things That Used To Take Up My Brain Space (with only a few exaggerations)

·         Exact time the bell rang for each class period
·         Which settings I used on the elliptical machine
·         Grammar rules and spelling for most words
·         Catalogue of recipes for sit–down meals for two
·         The 505 bus timetable, both weekdays and weekends
·         All the prepositions in alphabetical order (oh wait, that’s still in there)
·         The Major League Baseball standings in the NL East Division on any given day
·         Names of all the Canterbury Tales, and which were didactic, which were not
·         Hamlet’s soliloquies
·          MLA style guide
A Sampling of Things That Have Replaced Those Other Things in My Brain Space

·         Exactly how much the stroller pockets will contain without spilling over (it’s science, people!)
·         Sight recognition of night diapers vs. day diapers
·         Curious George is on PBS at 8:30am, followed by Cat In The Hat
·         The garbage man comes on Monday and Friday mornings and is best seen from the boys’ window
·         Start at the top right side and work clockwise to put on a fitted crib sheet and don’t do it right after eating
·         Oddly, Playtex makes the best sippy cups
·         Tonka trucks can all go to H-E-double hockey sticks for making such loud sounds at such duration
·         Working list of which restaurants have the best: mac ‘n cheese, high chairs, ceiling fans, and the most durable crayons
·         An acute sense for when the noise tolerance threshold of the lady in the kids section at the bookstore has been reached
·         Storytimes at various local establishments
·         Exactly how much time I have until the boys wake up

And another thing: a catalogue of play food and how long since it's been cleaned


  1. I love how each list is valuable. But the second list is more life altering fo' sure, and this coming from an English teacher!

  2. Indeed. Though, I'd say memorizing the prepositions list did alter my grammar life for the better. :)
    ps. I had to read a ways into your blog (which was fun)to realize who you were. :)


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