Sunday, June 1, 2014

Memorial Day Lake-ing

Over Memorial Day weekend we went to Brian's parents' beautiful lake house with some of his family. It was a nice, relaxing weekend that for the boys and I extended Friday through Tuesday.

The lake house is about a four hour drive, minus any stops. The boys were awesome and one of the things they did to keep themselves entertained was to sing to us. They sang songs they made up all by themselves. (Yaaaayyy) Here are the titles of the lovely songs we were serenaded with:

Little Maple Face
I Love My Booty So Much
Trees, trees, trees
Automatic Spiderman
What's Wrong With the Internet?
I Am a Nipple Surrounded by Trees

I don't think song writing is in their future, but you never know.

The weather was perfect. We got to see Tracy, our sister-in-law who recently had the cardiac arrest and basically came back to life in an absolutely amazing story and recovery that has left her pretty much unaltered. She and her family of six drove up from Atlanta to spend the weekend with Brian's parents and his sister and family from up by us.

As usual lately, I don't have much time to actually write an intelligent, witty, and/or poignant entry about it, but I'll share some pictures. Somewhere there is a picture of me driving Brian's mom around on the jet ski, which was awesome. Me, driving! So fun and exhilarating! I'll add the picture when I find it. Enjoy.

Teddy at the beach!

Just add water! Put a Teddy in a lake.

Sand- the mark of a good beach day

Concerned citizen Theodore Crosson goes for a spin on the jet ski with Dad.

Three boys on a boat ride

A brigade of  cousin water gun fighters generously paused the fight for a photo.
Calvin practices on shore for his crazy driving one day.
Zane says Clark will be the better driver.
I think Clark may have actually taken the jet ski out in his mind.

It was hard to not take pictures of this kid
Morning coffee Cheerios on the deck

How do I look from the side?

Sandy toes

Worn out after a walk with Cousin Clara to see baby goats

The three 2013 baby cousins: Ivy, Teddy, Clara

Giggling Clara, Concerned Theodore, and ATTACKING THE CHAIR Ivy

Taking pictures of multiple babies is hard work.

Playing the bucket

Cousin water wars

s'mores at the fire

The goodbye boy cousins bear hug...this is the part where they look
at the other camera, not at mine.

Ivy hug-attacks Teddy

And we drove home

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