Thursday, January 23, 2014

Snow Paint

This week has been super cold and one day we got (allegedly) five inches of snow. It looked like less than that to me, but I've never been good with numbers. This morning it was one degree outside. Yes, 1.

School was out on Monday for MLK day and it has now been canceled Tuesday, Wednesday, and today. It might be canceled tomorrow too if the roads remain icy and the temperature stays so low. Brian took the boys out for a romp in the snow the first day, but since then it's been so cold that we haven't ventured far.

I kept seeing posts on blogs and Facebook about having fun inside with kids and snow. So today I brought some snow inside and the boys made paint. It took a long time for the snow to melt, which was surprising to me.

On a separate note, Teddy had an important milestone today. He sat in his own highchair for the first time!

Teddy, meet Highchair.
Here are the snow paint pictures:

Putting snow in jars
Mixing with food coloring
They wanted to mix colors and were particularly proud
of this blue-green color.
They asked if I was surprised that such little kids
could make paint all on their own. Absolutely I am!
This amused them for longer than I thought it would-- they loved it.
They liked helping the snow melt.
I put down cookie sheets for the painting since it was a little...
We also tried painting on paper towels.
Then we dumped the paint onto a pile of snow
 in a flower pot- snow cone!
Good colors

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