Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dad's Obstacle Course

Yesterday we built an obstacle course. And I mean that is ALL we did yesterday. Aside from food preparation and consumption, using the bathroom, and the evening when I got to leave to go to my book club meeting (which makes me feel like a real person! Yay!), everything we did revolved around the obstacle course.

A few days ago we went to one of those indoor bouncy places and there was an obstacle course that the boys loved, so they decided they wanted to build one for Dad that would be ready when he came home from work. Great! A project for a frigid day! I was down with that.

We started with our "blueprint" and worked from there. First of all, I had to wrangle the boys away from their football game, and then from the hockey game that broke out, and keep them from getting sidetracked too many times. When all was said and done, a million hours later, we had a course for Brian to take on when he walked in the door. Here are some pictures.

One thing that added to it taking all day--
I made the boys write all the signs.

First obstacle-- ford the raging towel river by jumping
over hockey sticks

Step through the masking tape web

Putt down the one bowling pin

Crawl through the scary cave

What made the cave scary? These terifiying animals ready to eat you. Duh.

Jump and twist!

Tiptoe through the blocks forest
with wandering astronauts, shuttles, rocks,
dinosaurs, and sea life
Toss plastic horseshoes over the four legs
of an overturned chair
Jump over the superhero umbrellas

Score a goal to the left with the tiny hockey stick
and then hit the target at the end of the hall with
a tennis ball

basket to score the goal in

Hit the target that will be randomly selected when
the contestant reaches this point

When Brian got home, the excited boys put a football helmet on him for safety precautions and he did some light stretching to warm up. Cal and Clark wore Incredible Hulk gloves to punch him whenever he messed up on the course.
After falling in the river and being pummeled by Hulk hands,
Brian nimbly maneuvered through the spider web. 

And putted down the bowling pin with no problem

The cave was easy, except for the roaring animals, and he had to dance a little
and try a few times to get the jump mat right. But tiptoeing through the blocks
and specifically spiky dinosaurs proved pretty tricky and painful.

Tossing the horseshoes over the chair legs proved the
most challenging of all. Brian still has sore spots from
all the times Hulk hands punched him over this one.
It took so long, in fact, that I lost interest and forgot
to take pictures of the last three obstacles! Oops!
This is what a successful day looks like. :)

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