Friday, August 9, 2013

How Can I Make Myself Into a Girl?

Just checking in here. I'm trying to write more often, even if it's in small entries.

As I wrote about here and here, earlier this year, we field a lot of random, often unanswerable questions around our house. This morning was no different, but I wrote them all down. These are all just from this morning.

Is Spiderman nice to babies?

Does the dentist go to the dentist?

Who eats cardboard? Barbarians?

What if I could cross stitch with my feet?

Are we famous?

When can I nurse in your lap?

Can I make my own friend in my tummy?

Who were you in when you were born?

Do I look like a bouncing tornado?

And lastly, the question that spawned an hour-long experiment:

How can I make myself into a girl?

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and here: Probing Questions

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