Friday, August 30, 2013

My Living Room Divers

So much has been going on lately, both good and bad, entertaining and infuriating, funny and outlandish. An example of something bad-- I had a seizure a couple weekends ago. I'll probably write about it here sooner or later. An example of something entertaining from this morning absolutely had to be documented before the pictures got lost in the August picture file and I forgot about it.

Prompted by safety glasses in a chemistry set, Clark decided this morning that he wanted to dress up like a diver. He put on his astronaut suit, a pair of his underwear on his head, a straw in his mouth, and when he insisted he needed something as an oxygen tank I rolled up a couple pieces of foam board for him. Since the boys were highly influenced by Nemo (it's still one of the only full-length movies they've had the patience and interest to watch, and they're still afraid of Darla), Clark was a diver looking for fish to put in a fish tank. He found some little toy fish and had me hide them (at floor level since he'd be "swimming" on the carpet) in the living room so he could find them and put them in his plastic bag.

During the middle of the saga, Calvin, dismayed that there was only one set of safety glasses and that his goggles didn't feel right over the underwear and his glasses didn't look right over anything or under the catcher's mask, had a major meltdown and swore off being a diver ever for the rest of his life. Can't say my heart was broken over that.

The funniest thing about these moods Cal and Clark get in when they're dressing up is that they are so serious about it. It's hard not to laugh and not to act like wearing underwear on heads is completely normal.

Anyway, here are the pictures of my living room divers.

Divers suiting up
Testing the water
Perfect for carpet swimming
Oxygen tanks applied
And unsuspecting fish captured
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