Saturday, May 19, 2012

NOVA Fine Arts Festival!

This morning we headed across the street to the Northern Virginia Fine Arts Festival at Reston Town Center. My favorite artist's booth the past few years has been my favorite because it reminds me a little of the idea of gingerbread houses and scenes. A woman makes robots out of found objects she buys at antique malls and pawn shops. And the boys love robots, so that's the artist's booth we spent the most time at. Then we watched a band play a little, went to the children's art tent and made paper plate tambourines, and painted on the community mural. We met Brian for lunch ($10 off at town center restaurants with $10 donation to Greater Reston Arts Center!) and then the boys begged to take Dad back to the robot booth on the way home. It's a beautiful day, the festival is open for another hour or so today and all day tomorrow. Get out there!
Brother Bots

Robot on a rocket!

Watching the band play (specifically the guitarists) 

Making paper plate tambourines 

playing tambourines!

getting set for the mural painting

Cal was painting clouds on top of everyone else's paintings.

They could have done this all day.

Future Lake Anne Dolphins!

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