Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wheat and Stomp Rocket-ing

I've decided to not eat wheat for two weeks. I'm part of the way into the third day, and it’s actually not as hard as it seemed the first day. Why am I doing it? I'm not really sure exactly, and there's not one reason. I've been reading things like this and this and this and about wheat as a common allergen and something that slows down your metabolism. Cutting out wheat and carbs in general is what people with extreme cases of epilepsy do to try to manage their seizures through diet. When your body is basically starved, it runs on ketones, and for some reason no one has seizures while running on ketones. That diet, however, is to be done under close observation by doctors and is close to starving yourself, which presents its own set of complications.

As far as anecdotal evidence, my mom and grandfather have always had bad allergies, frequent sinus infections, and troublesome noses in general, all their lives. They both recently did a battery of allergy testing that showed they are both allergic to wheat—and pretty severely. Going off wheat greatly improved the quality of life for both of them. Some of my brothers and sisters in-laws have been cutting out carbs and have had some big success with weight loss and overall health improvements.The other day I was talking to someone who controls her migraines by cutting out wheat and some other main categories of food. So, with science and success stories, I decided to give it a go.

It’s not that I’ve felt bad and was looking for help…it’s just that I’ve been feeling…heavy inside from eating the bread that I eat, and of course since most processed foods have wheat in them, I’m also cutting out those, which will do nothing but good things for my health. The last two days I’ve felt great, and I’m very excited about it! Let’s face it, I can stand to lose a little weight as well, and hopefully changing my eating habits will help with that. The last two days I’ve also been able to run outside, which has been marvelous. It’s been around 70 degrees! The boys and I spent some quality time in the sunshine today, using their stomp rocket. I leave with the stomp rocket photo story. Happy Wednesday! 

Getting ready to launch

Cal's turn

Your turn, Mommy!
Mommy stomps with too much gusto.

Watch me, Mom!
Clark brought his pet dog to watch the launches.
Watch, little doggy!
Cal's turn to take pictures

Clark's turn...
PS. Anyone else want to give up wheat with me?! Anyone else living without wheat? Anyone have good no-wheat recipes?

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