Monday, February 13, 2012

Smells Like Happy: A Spunky Suds Giveaway

I’ve never done a giveaway here, but I’m doing one today!

There’s this super cool girl I grew up down the road from in Idaho who hand-makes her own soaps-- and I don’t mean the daytime dramas that unfortunately come on when I’m trying to turn on Sid the Science Kid for the boys. She has five kids she home schools, and is in general a supermom. She (more specifically Spunky Suds) became a Whispers & Shouts sponsor and sent me a package of her handmade soaps. As I opened the box and the scents began to waft around my kitchen, I felt a little like royalty or mostly just like the boy noises faded and I was having a party in my nose. She sent some mini bars and a couple bigger bars and a tub of body butter. (And I can get behind anything that has the word butter in it.) So I’ve been washing and buttering a lot and thinking of  what to do for the giveaway. I thought getting the boys involved would be fun, so I had them inspect the soaps and get their opinions on them. I let the boys describe them in their own special ways. After the "buildings" from their freestyle soap-block building toppled down, they had these things to say about the soaps:

Dark red soap: “Smells like chocolate ice cream.” –Clark “Looks like a cow.”- Cal

White soap: “Smells like a cow.”- Cal (I’d like to throw in here that Cal doesn’t know what a cow smells like.) "Smells like mango juice." --Clark 

Green soap: “Smells like a light.” –Clark “Looks like a guitar.” – Cal, while strumming the soap

Red and white soap: “Smells like a candy cane.”—Cal “Smells like a hot dog.” – Clark

Brown soap: “Looks like Papa’s mustache.” – Clark (wearing the soap on his lip)

Green and blue soap: “Smells like a cucumber.” – Cal “Smells like happy.” – Clark

Purple soap: “Smells like Mommy smells,”—Cal (Aww, so sweet. I definitely rarely smell that good)

Big oatmeal-y soap: “Looks like a big horse.” –Clark “Looks like a drum.” –Cal, while drumming on it  

So, I’ve been washing with the soaps a lot lately and I’ve noticed my hands don’t seem as painfully dry as they had been, and also I smell a lot nicer. Less of the I-just-poured-apple-juice smell and the lovely Essence of Desitin. These soaps would make amazing gifts, too. As a matter of fact, if you get a gift of soap from me soon, you will know where I got it-- and I don't mean that I will give you one that I've already sampled. 

Enough daytime drama. Here’s what you need to do to enter the giveaway, after you read about Ashley and her Spunky Suds soap so you can see the loveliness of what you'll be winning.

1. "Like" the Whispers & Shouts Facebook page if you haven’t already. (you could just click “like” on the Facebook box here on the actual blog.)

2. Then leave a comment here using the world “soap” or any kind of made-up form of the word “soap." (example: soaptacular) I'm not even going to be all English teacher on you and make you use complete sentences. Fragments are fine. (It hurt me to type that)

We’ll see what we get. I'll probably have one of the boys randomly draw a winner, or if one comment stands out as the funniest to me by far, I'll pick that one.

The winner will get two full bars of my favorite two soaps, (I decided that the "smells like happy" and "looks like a cow" are my favorites.) as well as mini sample bars like what I got in my package. The deadline is this Friday the 17th at a random time that only I will decide. (Hint: either naptime or bedtime) Ready, set, go.

My Spunky Suds package

Practicing figurative language with soap. (Clark only put one bar in his mouth.)


  1. Cool giveaway Dawn! I'd love to try Ashley's Spunky Suds creations! (by the way... I must be really tired this morning because I thought it was "Spunky Spuds"... as in potatoes, at first... probably because I read the word "Idaho" :) LOL.
    The soap sounds amazing!

  2. Haha! Maybe Ashley should consider adding a spud mascot to her business. Thanks, Laura!

  3. Sounds like a soaptacular giveaway! I would be so soaped to win this!

  4. I seriously thought I entered this soaptastic giveaway this morning, but I must have forgot to hit publish. Not soap smart today!

  5. Soapercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

  6. This soap is so great -- (I bought tons for Christmas presents and yes, I exaggerate...) -- that I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win some ;)

    But mostly, I am so happy to be following your blog, Dawn!


  7. If we don't win, are you going to angrily exclaim, "No soap for you!"?

  8. After making the decision to eat more natural, whole foods for our family I find that I am also more interested in the other things we put in or on our bodies. I am just now looking into natural home made soaps and would love the chance to try these! Thanks for the opportunity.

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