Friday, June 3, 2011

Zoo Gravel is the Best Gravel of All the Gravel

One of the few non-gravel moments
We took a trip to the Reston Zoo this morning with Best Friend Nick. Kids are supposed to like animals, right? Naturally curious about them, interested in seeing them, touching (some of) them, feeding them, etc. Here we go again with my boys and over-the-top obsessions. Gravel! There is gravel and even dirt all over the zoo! At least this trip Cal didn’t eat goose poop, but still. Kangaroos, farm animals, zebras, ostriches, camels, snakes…No. Gravel. Dirt. Throw it, push it, drop it, kick it. About the only interest they showed in animals was when Cal asked to get in the cage with the python and when Clark touched the baby goat. 
Gigantic bovine creature in your face? No big deal. Rocks please.
No, of course I didn’t let Cal get in the python cage! Why would you think that? Oh, and the fake rhinoceros. They did enjoy riding it.

The Reston Zoo is a great place and I encourage any local parents to take kids there…unless they’re obsessed with gravel. Also, if you want something to do this weekend, the Herndon Festival is going on with lots of activities and music and rides and food. I think we’ll take the boys to check it out. If I see gravel though, I am out. We will go to a place with the opposite of gravel. What is that? A pool? Bouncy toys? Pudding?

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