Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Guitar

Just a note about a particularly cute exchange that happened on our balcony picnic today…

I was having the boys use leftover cake plates from their cowboy birthday party. On the plates is the drawing of, among other things, a guitar. So, as we sit there, the boys munching on their PB & Js and me on my salad, Clark says, “Hold it, guitar,” while he tries to grab the illustrated guitar on his plate.
I say, “Clarky, silly, you can’t hold the guitar. It’s only a picture of a guitar.” Clark looks at me and says, “Mommy hold guitar.” I laugh. Then he says, “Calvin hold guitar.” I reiterate something about the guitar being pretend. “Balcony hold guitar! Rocking horse hold guitar!” (Their rocking horse was sitting out on our balcony for the picnic) and finally, “Trees hold guitar!”  I’m laughing and smiling and paying all the attention in the world to Beautiful and Funny Clark, when Cal pipes up matter-of-factly, as if telling me something everyone else already knows, “The guitar flies.”

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