Sunday, June 12, 2011

Two Paths Diverged in Green Suburbs

I know each child is unique, but the boys are really showing of their differences lately.

Clark watches his shot while Cal squats at his ball
Clark has an attention span for things that interest him that is simply amazing. I’ve written before about his knack for hitting a baseball with a bat. Well, that was only the beginning, as it turns out. He also likes to hit golf balls and fake hockey pucks into the net…for hours on end. He has such attention and focus on hitting whichever ball it is, that it is actually a little unnerving. (Should I be focusing more attentively on things like dishes and laundry in order to be a better person?)
He doesn’t expect to be waited on. When we go outside, he wants an adult to pitch a ball to him, but he also immediately runs to get the ball after he hits it or after it gets past him, and throws it back to the pitcher.
When we were at the driving range the other day (because that is such a normal place to take a 2 year-old, I know), he was getting help occasionally from me or Uncle Ken, or Brian, with putting his ball on the tee, but if we didn’t do it right away, he would painstakingly take the time to set it there himself. Over and over again, until he got it right and the ball was balanced on the tee. He would then straighten up and smack it and start the whole process over again.
Cal is much different. He likes to pretend to do things like vacuum with baseball bats and sweep with hockey sticks. While at the driving range, Cal, like most toddlers I can only assume, enjoys playing in the gravel and the dirt, touching and talking about any errant golf carts, pointing out the flags, throwing the balls in the opposite direction and toward people, etc. When given a club and ball, he prefers to squat down and slap at it with his stick, while using only one hand.  Sometimes he’ll do it for a couple hits in a row, but, usually something else captures his attention and he is off to pursue it.

With hockey, Clark methodically sets up the little goal in the living room, arranges the ball in front of it, but not too close to it, and situates himself and his stick in the perfect spot. By that time, however, Cal has grabbed the goal and started pushing it across the room as a vacuum, which elicits screeches of frustration from Clark.
Clark's chin stitches
Of course, the boys share plenty of similarities as well, one of which is bed-jumping. This hobby gave Clark his first four stitches earlier this week.

We're anxious to find something that captures Cal’s attention as much as hitting something round with something long and stick-like captures Clark’s attention. Maybe he will revolutionize the vacuum industry.

Whatever happens, I'm sure the paths that diverged in green suburbs will stay close and intersect in many places down the line.

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