Thursday, November 1, 2012

How I Will Kick National Novel Writing Month in the Teeth

When I write things down on my blog they seem more real to me because I get people asking me about them. This is sometimes a good thing, other times awkward, but it's the way things are. Therefore, I begin this month, National Novel Writing Month, telling you readers that I am resurrecting my half-written novel and going to work on it again, beginning this morning.

Actually, I've already put in some time on it today. I'm not entering the NaNoWriMo contest, since my novel is already partially written, but I'm using the month to motivate me. The people who sign up attempt to write with literary abandon for thirty days and finish an entire novel. I tried it once before when I had no children and I couldn't even do it then. With it halfway written I actually might have a chance.

Just wanted to tell you. If you see me, ask me how it's coming. Email me. Comment here about it. I want to feel the peer pressure. Help me kick National Novel Writing Month in the teeth. Thank you.

The end.

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