Friday, January 6, 2012

You Probably Shouldn't Kiss a Turkey

Today the boys tried to kiss a turkey. Really guys? Of all the animals on the farm? The ones with the beaks? Turkeys are nasty looking. Their faces look like they're missing a layer of flesh-- like they're showing off their muscular, nay, even their skeletal systems for the world to see. Good thing they're downright delicious with potatoes and gravy (yes, I said nay).


This week the weather has been frigid. Very January. But not today. No winter coats, no mittens, no hats. Just sweatshirts. We practically needed sunblock. So we headed off to a little farm that's a couple minutes away-- Frying Pan Park. (Plug for Reston: I LOVE LIVING HERE. There are so many different types of things to do in the area.) I think the boys loved it more than they ever have the other times we've gone. We went with friends and no one even fell in manure or pissed off a large cow or asked about exposed reproductive system parts on a horse or anything.

So, I wanted to share a few pictures and revel in the sun and non-January-ness of today and make you jealous if it's cold where you live. To top it off we came home and had a picnic on the balcony without sweatshirts. We did not eat turkey. 

Old McCalvin had a tractor.

So did McClark

For some reason all the kids thought this goat was hilarious. I did not.

Yeah, Cal, go ahead and eat that rusty metal gate. It's cool.

Ava and Cal poke the corn on the cob in the corn crib.
The pigs' heat lamp is like a ceiling fan, Mommy! Um. Sure.

Peacock sighting!

More turkey kisses


  1. I love the title of this blog post. The turkey was equally interested in the kids as the kids were with the turkey! what a fun afternoon.

  2. You're right! I think the turkey may have actually wanted to kiss them. He was smitten. It was a very good to see you and the twins!


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