Sunday, January 29, 2012

National Walk For Epilepsy

I signed up for the National Walk for Epilepsy again this year. Last year I walked with my brother and ended up with a lot more sponsors than I anticipated, which was cool. It was weird to see so many people in purple shirts (people with epilepsy wore purple at the walk last year) walking around, when I've only ever met a couple other people with epilepsy. So many people have it way worse than my measly average of one or two seizures a year, that I'd like to do a little bit to help fund further research and support for such a baffling condition.

As it turns out, the little bit I can do to help is to walk in a big circle on March 31st. So, if you're around and you want to walk in a two-mile circle around the National Mall with me, join my team or donate online right here.  I think I'll take the boys out on the walk with me this year!

Aaron and me at last year's walk

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