Friday, December 30, 2011

Best of 2011

Here we are, awaiting the end of 2011 at my in-law's lakehouse somewhere in southern Virginia. Calvin has only fallen into the freezing cold lake once today. Brian somehow lost a metal wedge while cutting firewood. Clark had an epic booger experience that I hope I never see the likes of again. I went "running," which is a misrepresentation of the way I was moving my body along the hilly terrain, but at least I did something. The best part was when I ran by a deserted old house with a tiny fenced-in graveyard and ancient lace curtains in the windows. I could practically hear the Confederate (or would it have been Union?) soldiers hiding under the planks on the deck.

I thought I'd take this peaceful time, as the sun sets on the glass-smooth lake and the boys nap, to share with you my favorite and the most popular posts from this past year. Here they are in the order in which they appeared. Enjoy and Happy New Year!

first one on epilepsy

on oatmeal

inappropriate old man

on words

Terrible Shark Twos

the boys meet the ocean!

white person!

ceiling fans

more ceiling fans

goat milk and canning and Costco

pool wars

baseball games

creating shelf-topia

Cal's eye

cutting hair

pretend words

water wars

Mommy, you had a seizure

walking off the pounds

ceiling fan costumes

our pretenders

100th post!

how I eat scraps

the Santa question

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