Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Pillows Game

We used to call the game of playing in the couch pillows on the floor Sand Dunes. Now the boys call it simply The Pillows Game and nearly every day they ask me, "'Member that game, Mommy? 'Member that?" as they throw the pillows off the couch to prepare for the game. Yes, I remember that game where you bonk your heads routinely and make me wonder why I let you play it. It is now much more than the game where they bounce in the pillows. It is the game where they fling their bodies onto the pile of pillows from running starts across the house and dive off the couch onto the pillows. The other day when we had guests over, the boys were particularly passionate about it from all the attention they were getting. Observe. And observe Clark's red eye that will be a black eye tomorrow from a brutal collision with Cal in The Pillows Game this afternoon.

Clark's developing black eye from today's Pillow Game


  1. Yep, there she is. It was so fun to have her! The boys are still talking about her visit.


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