Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Welcome, Rainy Autumn!

Autumn arrived yesterday. How wholly unexpected it was for me! We spent a summery weekend at the lake over Labor Day and woke up at home the next day to drizzly, wonderful autumn. And here it is again today. I had to turn the heat on last night! The boys have a Signing Time video that is about the seasons and so they were as thrilled as I was that the weather seems to be turning autumnal.  

Words that make me think of Autumn:

Moth balls

Yesterday morning we walked to the Best Friend Nick’s house and on our way home the downpour drenched us. The boys were a little scared at first as the rain seeped under the stroller sun shades and formed puddles on their sweatshirts sleeves, but soon thought the whole thing was hilarious. I borrowed a blanket for their legs and it was soaking wet by the time we got home. The puddles then called to the boys and they spent some time outside our building doing some serious damage to any standing water and their clothes and shoes. Later after naptime when Brian came home, all four of us took to the puddles. Cal and Clark quickly found the biggest sidewalk puddle and then got running starts from all different angles to make the biggest possible splashes. Dad’s splashes were the coolest and Mom’s were funny and Cal claimed the puddle water tasted good.

I put up my autumn-colored candles and fake burnt orange flower decorations extensive interior autumn d├ęcor and took down my summer door wreath. I was tempted to take out my box of sweaters, which is when I realized that my sweaters haven’t fit since I was pregnant oddly shrunk a while ago so I don’t own a box of sweaters anymore, but rather a couple sweaters folded in my closet.  I’m content with sifting through boys’ clothes and putting aside smaller and summery ones.

Farewell Summer and welcome Autumn-full-ness! I will be disappointed if you are merely hurricane fragments  and Summer is still lurking.

Prepping for Puddle-jumping...we couldn't find Clark's boots!

Cal calls his rain boots his rainbow boots

Action shot


Cal prepares to drink puddle water

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