Friday, July 22, 2011

Frogs and Snails and Puppy-dogs’ Tails and Pooting

Oh, little boys. As our boys are getting more and more verbal we are hearing such boy things from them. Correct me if I’m wrong, but holding a book and pointing to each word while exclaiming, “Poop! Poop!” while the other brother laughs hysterically is not typically something that a girl would do. Maybe I’m just naïve and sexist, but… I’m not.

If one of them farts, he usually says loudly, “I pooted!” with a self-congratulatory smile, or else, since they are still not strong in the personal pronouns department, “You pooted!” about his own gas. They exhibit curiosity about each other’s diaper changes lately that is a bit off-putting. Today Cal wanted to see Clark’s poop. Then he said, “eat it, eat it,” which made them both giggle like crazy. Gross. I mean, I grew up with two brothers so not a lot shocks me...but that did.
Cal views the world upside-down/shows what he thinks about the fountain
Today their friend Andrew came over to play. Out of nowhere, as they were silently eating snacks, Clark said, “poop.” Andrew laughed. Cal laughed. And then again. This probably doesn't have anything to do with their gender, but they've both taken to sticking their little butts in the air and their heads on the ground occasionally in public. I like to think of it as creatively viewing the world from an unconventional angle, but maybe it’s simply sticking their bums out at the world. Who knows.  

So it’s more than finding train tracks in the bathroom sink or Buzz Lightyear in my bed or stepping on cement trucks and bug vacuums at 2am that serve as reminders that we’re the parents of little boys. Now it’s the language. Oh boy(s).

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