Monday, July 25, 2011

Bread Experiment Update

Almost two months ago I read a bread label. There were a staggering amount of ingredients, and many of them I could not pronounce. And that was organic whole wheat bread! Inspired by In Defense of Food and reading a blog post from Fat Duck Farm about bread baking, I decided to try to bake bread and work toward not having to buy it.

My first attempt was horrible, my second attempt looked a little like bread, but that's where the similarities ended, and my third attempt was downright edible. We were still buying bread at the store. It's been almost two months since I started and as of last week we have phased out all store bread. The real challenge is yet to come as I have not yet attempted to make a grilled cheese sandwich for the boys. I don't know how I could cut the slices thinly enough so they could get their little mouths around both pieces of bread. I'll let you know when I'm brave enough for that.

I tried yet another recipe today. It's a honey whole wheat bread with a little molasses in it and it came out delicious. I have more recipes I'm excited to try. I make two loaves and keep them in plastic bags in the fridge. Since they have no preservatives they don't last long, as I found out from making a batch of four loaves to start out with.
Today's loaves

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