Sunday, March 6, 2011

Words Cal Shouldn't Say In Mixed Company Because They Sound Like Swear Words

1. Truck
2. Fork
3. Flag
4. Frog
5. Shirt
6. Sit
7. The hybrid frog/duck word he uses for the bath towel creature

This was especially evident this morning when he was running around with a little American flag that he was taunting Clark with. He was saying, "Flag! You! Flag! You!" Oops.


  1. Our six year old still mispronounces a few things that are so cute, I hesitate to correct him. My favorite is "willn't" instead of "won't." Which is what it should be, anyway, I think. Oh, and he likes to put "chop stick" on his lips. Heh.

  2. Cute! Wow, I can't believe he's six years old. I think he was...maybe around a year old when I last remember seeing you guys? That's crazy. Is Curtis still playing hockey?


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