Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fashion or Fighting Instincts?

I’ve been wondering when the boys would develop their own fashion sense, or more fittingly put, their attachment to one article or type of clothing. They’ve always just shared all their clothes. I was imagining that maybe in their teens it would start— when perhaps one of them wants to wear only gigantic basketball shorts, huge shirts, and straight-brimmed hats and the other can better express himself in skinny jeans and tight t-shirts, or whatever the equivalent styles are in the future.

Here is the mohawk Clark woke up with the other day. Bedhead? Sure, honey. I saw that gel in your crib.

But alas, it happened today. That’s right. The boys have these similar shirts—they are both striped, one green and one orange. The orange one has a blue monster on it and the green one has a space ship, stars, planets, and a moon on it and says Spaced Out. For whatever reason I usually dress Cal in the orange one and Clark in the green one. So as I faced two wiggly, naked-chested boys this morning, I grabbed the green one to put on Cal. He immediately started screaming, “ORANGE JUICE!” which is what they call anything that is the color orange. I didn’t understand him at first and I thought he was simply trying to elude getting dressed. But then Clark started screaming and frantically tearing at the green shirt coming over Cal’s head. Clark raced over and picked up the orange shirt and threw it in my face. When I handed them each the correct shirt the crying immediately subsided as Clark patted the planets and stars fondly and Cal laughed lovingly at the monster. Clearly Clark feels he is the more spaced out one and Cal that he is the monster.

And on a similar clothing/accessory note, they both love my headbands. Usually when I’m wearing one they reach for it and say “turn, turn, hay-band,” which means they need a turn with the headband. When I relent, causing my hair to fall into familiar disarray, they smile confidently and proclaim themselves “hassom” which means handsome.

I’m not sure if this means they will have a keener sense of fashion than their mom, (let’s face it, I don’t really DO fashion, especially since motherhood set in) or if they just like to fight.

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  1. i'd just like to point out that i gave cal his first mohawk.


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